What we do

At SMARTFIX repairs we provide quality electronic repair solutions for most cell phones, tablets and laptops. We are known for quality service and outstanding customer service on Staten Island. Our team of highly qualified technicians, with years of experience on their shoulders, have repaired thousands of devices. We offer full range of repair services for all cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Cracked screens, batteries, buttons, water damage, motherboards, charging ports, software we fix all of it, fast and professionally. All of our repairs come with 120 day warranty. Stop by our location at 20 Bradley ave, 10314 or call us 718 370 0461. Get instant quote for smartphones, tablets, laptops

We repair it all

Our team has experience in treating all electronics, we specialize in phones, tablets and laptops. We fix everything from cracked screens and charging ports, to water damage and data recovery.

Best value for money!

We provide top quality service for the best value. Our prices are noticeably lower than competitors, and our services are backed up by 120 day warranty, that no other company can offer.

Quality service

Staten Island finest. Our goal is to make customers happy. In many cases we were able to bring devices back to life that other companies could not.

Why choose us?

Our goal has always been to provide the best electronic repair service on Staten Island.  We try to do our best to save our customers time and money by finding the best possible solution, we know how frustrating can it be when you laptop or phone is not functioning right. There is no need to go through insurance when your phone needs a screen replacement, as we offer best prices on Staten Island.  We always keep extensive inventory in stock and because of that we are able to repair your phone, tablet or laptop the same day.

We provide free diagnostics for every customer whether you have phone, tablet or laptop. Once your device is in for repair we check for other minor problems along the way.  Our technicians are highly trained and have over 7 years of experience, they are the smartest guys out there. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 718 370 0461, or stop by at 20 Bradley ave,  Staten Island, NY, 10314

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  1. Quality is never a compromise, even though we have low prices we guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  2. Your device will look like it has never been worked on. All the repairs are done in proper environment with the best equipment.
  3. Our company provides a real 120 day warranty on our parts and labor. We stand up to our promise 
  4. Fast turn around time. Most repairs are done within a day, but some can be done while you wait. 
  5. If your device has other minor issues, such as sticky buttons, bad battery, corroded charging port etc., those will be checked out and fixed for free.

What they say about us

Had a problem with my LG TV not turning on anymore, brought it to Smartfix and they were able to diagnose the cause right on the spot. 4 days later my TV worked again,  I could not be any happier.

Fantastic service: Fast, Efficient, and inexpensive.
I stopped in because I had a problem with the home button on my iPhone. This guys fixed the problem in less than 3 minutes and I was back on the road. I probably would have been in the market for a new phone if I hadn't stopped by. I highly recommend this place.

Got water spilled on my macbook pro, first keyboard stopped working and eventually computer would not turn on at all.  Apple quoted me over 480 for a new motherboard, but techs at smartfix were able to bring my computer back to life without replacing the board.


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