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Is your iPhone, iPad, MacBook acting up?

Let SMARTFIX get you back on track!

Cracked your Samsung Galaxy?

Bring it to SMARTFIX, #1 spot for Samsung cracked glass repair!

We repair all smartphones!

At SMARTFIX we fix all makes and models

We repair it all

Our team has experience in repair all electronics, we specialize in smartphones, tablets and computers. We fix everything from cracked iPhone screens and Samsung charging ports, to water damaged motherboards.

Best value for money!

We provide top quality repair service for the best value. Our prices are noticeably lower than competitors, and our services are backed up by a real 120 day warranty.

Quality service

Staten Island finest. Our goal is to make our customers happy. In many cases we are able to repair devices that other companies could not. We guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

Two convenient locations on Staten Island

Address: 95 Page ave Address: 95 Page ave
Staten Island, NY, 10309
718 967 3202 718 967 3202
smartfixsi@gmail.com smartfixsi@gmail.com
Hours of operation Hours of operation
Mon -Sat: 10:00am- 7:00pm
Address: 20 Bradley ave Address: 20 Bradley ave
Staten Island, NY, 10314
718 370 0461 718 370 0461
smartfixsi@gmail.com smartfixsi@gmail.com
Hours of operation Hours of operation
Mon -Sat: 10:00am- 7:00pm

Why chose us for phone repairs?

Best warranty
Most repairs come with a simple 120 day warranty.  We have the best warranty in the industry that sticks with the device. Whether the repaired phone was passed down or you lost the receipt, it is covered.
Excellent service
We strive to provide the best repair quality topped with outstanding customer service. We have the highest success rate on complicated repairs, and we genuinely care about your device. Your device will look like it has never been worked on. All the repairs are done in proper environment with the best equipment.
Turn around
Most repairs are done within a day, or even while you wait. We carry large inventory for most common phones, tablets, and computers. We service electronics from most brands such as Apple iPhone & iPad, Smasung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, LG, Meizu, SONY, OnePlus, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, etc.  We always have in stock parts for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy series phones, most Motorola, Sony, and HTC phones.
Get a quote now
We are service providers for most smartphone, tablet, and computer brands including Apple iPhone & iPad, Smasung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, SONY, LG, Meizu, OnePlus, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, etc.  We mostly concentrate on repairs and we are the best at it. SMARTFIX is one of very few repair shops in the country that deals with complex motherboard repairs, and we also provide service to other repair shops on Staten Island. Why pay the middleman when you can go directly to the source of excellent repairs. We now have two easily accessible locations on Staten Island at :

95 Page ave, Staten Island, NY, 10309  (718) 967 3202 

20 Bradley ave., Staten Island, NY, 10314  (718) 370 0461

Our goal is to provide the best electronic repair service on Staten Island.  We try to do our best to save our customers time and money by finding the best possible solution, we know how frustrating it can be when your computer or phone is not functioning properly. There is no need to go through insurance for a cracked screen replacement on the iPhone, as we offer best prices on Staten Island. We always keep most parts in stock so you phone can be repaired as soon as possible. We provide free diagnostics for every customer whether you have phone, tablet or laptop. Once your device is in for repair we check for other minor problems along the way. Our technicians are highly trained and have over 7 years of experience, they are the smartest guys out there. And on top of everything we have the best 120 day warranty policy, where you don’t even need a receipt.

See our latest work @smartfix_repairs


At SMARTFIX repairs we provide quality electronic repair solutions for most cell phones, tablets and laptops. We are known for quality service and outstanding customer service on Staten Island. Our team of highly qualified technicians, with years of experience on their shoulders, have repaired thousands of devices. We offer full range of repair services for all cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Cracked screens, batteries, buttons, water damage, motherboards, charging ports, software we fix all of it, fast and professionally. All of our repairs come with 120 day warranty. Stop by our location at 95 Page ave, 10309 or call us 718 967 3202. Get instant quote for smartphones, tablets, laptops
I found out about this store on google and the location isn’t far from my home. The customer service was welcoming and professional, and the price to fix my cracked samsung galaxy s5 screen was reasonable. I went to the store across the street and by the time I got back, my phone was fixed and running like new. I recommended this store to all of my friends Nick Driscoll

The gentleman at the counter was very professional in handling my situation. My iPhone 6 screen had an issue where the glass was not cracked but there were crack marks underneath. He was able to explain the situation to me clearly and told me that he can fix it within the hour. I grabbed lunch and coffee near by to pass time and sure enough my phone was ready by the promised time frame. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone for their repair needs. Zahin Rejuan

I went here to have my iPad Air screen replaced. They did, but the replacement screen had dust in it and the touch sensitivity was off. I went back, explained the issues, and they gave me a new screen for no additional cost, fixed the issues I had and the iPad works great now. Ron Girshman

Fixed multiple items here. They genuinely care about your stuff, offers great service & pricing. Recommend 100%. Luke Beckford


20 Bradley Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10314 Phone: 718 370 0461 Mon – Sat: 10:00am -7:00pm


95 Page Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10309 Phone: 718 967 3202 Mon – Sat: 10:00am -7:00pm

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