Currently most cell phones and smartphones use LED LCD displays, but Samsung went a different route in their Galaxy line with using OLED screens. In a nutshell LCD screen is using backlight that lights up the entire surface, where in OLED screen technology every pixel lights up on its own. OLED screen produces much brighter image with deeper colors also the screen is much slimmer, however cost of such screens is much higher compared to LCD screen. The cost of the screen is the main problem when it comes to repairing Samsung Galaxy screens. For instance the price of just the screen for Samsung Galaxy S3 is higher than the rest of the phone. Usually when it comes to screen repairs most repair shops would replace the whole screen assembly whether its a hairline crack or the screen has been completely destroyed the price is the same.
Most common problem with Galaxy phones is cracked top glass, but the screen is still works and fully functional, and when you come to some repair shops you will be charged the same price as if the whole screen was completely ruined. Some shops however do offer glass only replacement but the results of such repairs often are less than satisfying, First of all when cracked glass replaced the OLED screen is attached to the frame, and if your frame is scuffed up it stays that way, Second issue is that some shops do not use Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA)  adhesive that goes between new glass and the screen this can cause major problem for the future use. LOCA adhesive is a specially developed liquid adhesive for this specific purpose. This adhesive is originally used at the factory and without it 4 issues arise:

  • Dust gets under the glass and there is no way of removing the glass.
  • Touch sensitivity drastically decreases.
  • Screen visibility decreases by 40% which would force you into using high brightness decreasing battery life
  • Glass becomes much more fragile and if you drop it again chances are much higher of glass getting cracked again.

Not all shops do it, there are some shops that actually apply LOCA between new glass and the screen. However without removing the screen from the frame, which is not a common practice, applying LOCA can still cause many issues. Such as damaging proximity sensor, front facing camera, home button can become sticky, microphone can become cloaked with adhesive. In general the main issue with applying liquid adhesive on the phone without removing screen from the frame is that it starts to get everywhere as it only hardens under clear surface.


Galaxy S3 glass done properly at SMARTFIX

Galaxy S3 glass done properly at SMARTFIX

At SMARTFIX we have developed a semi automatic process for cracked glass repairs on all Galaxy phones. It took us a lot of time in development and a lot of broken screens but the end result was definitely worth it. Using our method we are able to extract the screen from the frame, replace the cracked glass with applying LOCA, and put the screen back into a brand new frame within minutes. Because of time and labor that we save for the entire process we are able to provide the service at unbeatable price and have the best result. This are the reasons why getting your cracked Galaxy screen fixed at SMARTFIX can be a better decision:

  • We apply LOCA between new glass and the OLED screen which eliminates glare, touch sensitivity and dust problems.
  • The new glass can take more impact and is just as strong as OEM.
  • Guaranteed no runoff to proximity sensor, microphone, front facing camera, and home button. Adhesive only goes where it supposed to.
  • Cost efficient, much more affordable than getting the entire screen replaced.
  • New frame, all the scuffs and dents on the bezel around the glass just don’t look good with a brand new glass. So we provide you with a new one.

We guarantee all our work which is backed up by 120 day warrantee. Find the most current prices on Samsung Galaxy S3 repairs here. You can also give us a call at 718 370 0461, or stop by our shop at 20 Bradley Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10314.