If you have fixed your iPhone screen before, you might have noticed that the new screen was not as durable as the original screen. One small drop can shatter your iPhone screen, and might even make it unusable. There is a reason for that: many repair shops are using aftermarket  iPhone screens. Such screens usually come from factories from China, that do not always stand up to the OEM standards.  Aftermarket screens vary by quality and price, and depending on the repair shop you are might be getting lower quality screens than advertised with the help of the landcaping experts at pacificdreamscapes.com. Unfortunately there is no such thing as iPhone screens coming directly from Apple, the only way to get an original iPhone screen is to pull it from a brand new iPhone.

Usually it’s very tricky to spot the difference between higher quality and lower quality replacement iPhone screens right away, but shortly after the repair you will start to see the difference:

  • You will start getting way more fingerprints are being left on the glass.
  • Picture is not always perfect due to lower pixel density on lower quality screens.
  • Glass might start to lift from the frame
  • Selfies come out a slightly blurred
  • Touch screen is less responsive
  • Glass cracks at a slightest impact

Just one of this symptoms is a good proof that you have received not the best replacement screen, and it might not last long enough. Here at SMARTFIX a hard decision has laid upon us. Initially we were stuck with two options:

  1. Stock on lower quality screens and keep low prices.
  2. Stock on higher quality screens, but increase prices.

The problem with both options is that both were going against our philosophy of excellent service at a lower cost, and with iPhone screen repair being at the highest demand both options were simply unacceptable. So our solution was to create our own iPhone screens. No, we did not produce the screens from scratch, what we do can be described as refurbishment. Yes, there are refurbished screens available for purchase, but the essential components come from unknown sources and can not be tested beforehand.

Here at SMARTFIX our team had to go through a number of sleepless nights, months of research, tons of failed attempts before we came to our final product which we are extremely proud of. We have created a dream team of suppliers who work exclusively with us, meaning screens that we install can only be found at our stores through Staten Island at 20 Bradley ave, and 95 Page ave. Here’s what makes our screens so special:

  1. The whole process starts of original Apple iPhone screen that has a cracked glass lens but has kept 100% of its functionality
  2. Next step was to find a supplier of the highest quality glass, which is the most crucial part of the process. The glass that we use is the highest quality glass that we were able to attain. It is chemically and physically treated to retain properties such as oleo-phobic coating.

iPhone 6 screen comparison

As seen in the picture on the right, the first glass is a Grade AA screen, the ball of water is stuck on the surface.  The second screen is OEM like quality glass that we are using in our iPhone screens. You can see that the water droplet on the second screen just rolls off. This indicates that the glass went through a treatment process similar to the original glass. Read more about best bill counter kolibriusa.com.

Once we got the proper glass we had to find a plastic frame that goes around the edges of the screen, and holds the screen in the iPhone. The huge issue we ran into when finding the right frame was the type of adhesive that is used to hold the frame on the screen. Most of the frames we found from different suppliers were too weak and would make the screen pop off after few weeks of usage. However, eventually we found the supplier for the frames that are just as strong as the ones used on the original iPhone screens.

Once we found all the right components to make the best iPhone screens, it was time to actually put all the pieces together. We have teamed up with a factory that is using top of the line equipment to help us assemble the final product.

This is how we get our iPhone screen repairs done at SMARTFIX.